On arrival

Please check in immediately to the reception once arrived. Please bring your ID (passport) along in order to register as legally required.

You can arrive until 5:30pm. The reserved accommodation is available after 4pm.

Please let us know if you arrive after 6pm!

During your stay

The reception is open daily from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 2:30pm to 6pm.

Payment has to be made on the day of arrival or the day after. We accept cash payments as well as the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card or debit cards. 

Quite times are between 10pm until 8am. Please respect your fellow travelers and keep the noise down.

You’ll receive your Wi-Fi password at the reception.

A collection of newspapers & magazines can be ordered a day ahead (latest until 5:30pm) at the reception.

Pets: Pets are on request. The pet owner is fully reliable and has to make sure that other guests don’t feel threatened.

Please use the designated dog bags and always pick after your 4-legged friend.

Dogs have to be on leash at all times during their stay on the property.

It is prohibited to bring any pet into the sanitary or SPA facility, to the playground or other public areas.

RecyclingPlease separate your rubbish and recycle by bringing it to the recycling station.

Visitors: Please inform the reception if you have any visitors. Visitors can park on the parking lot across the street.

Visitors are not allowed at the pool, but are on request for the sauna area.

Minors must be accompanied by their parents. We kindly ask parents to accompany their children & teenagers to the SPA and pool area as well as the playground.

Upon departure 

Your alm lodge/tree house must be vacated until 10.00am on the day of departure.

Good to know

In case of emergency

General emergency phone number: 112

Professional medical support: You find a doctor every day of the week at the ‚Sanitätssprengel‘ in Klobenstein. More details can be received at the reception.

Pharmacy Klobenstein:

Dorfstrasse 21, 39054 Klobenstein, 

Ph1: +39 0471 356108, 

Ph2: +39 0471 356667

Video surveillanceDue to security and safety, there are a few video cameras on the property. A complete data privacy statement can be received at the reception.

Welcome to Schartner Alm! We wish you a wonderful stay and unforgettable moments!